Stock Market Today 11-02-2019

Stock Market Today brings to you the daily trends in the Nifty Markets. This can also be the trends in Sensex, however not always.

Stock Market daily

 Trends on 11th February 2019.

– The Market will start with Pisces Ascendant and then shall move to Aries, Taurus and end in Gemini Ascendant. Nakshatra will be Magha throughout the day.

– The Market will see slow recovery trends initially.

– Technology and Telecom stocks will be the favorite initially.

– Markets will see oscillation and slowly move towards green. Even Public Sector enterprises will show much interest in buying.

Budget 2019 will show its impact on rural stocks.

– Around 11:10 AM, stocks market can see some consolidation. Telecom stocks will be flat around this phase.

– Entertainment stocks will show interest around this phase.

– Other sectors such as banking and manufacturing will be slow to respond to the demand side.

– Overall Markets may be down towards the end of the day, but sectors such as the following will show recovery and will be in Green.

– Information and Technology (IT) and Software services, NBFCs, Private Banking, and Insurance will see an upward end.

– Please avoid PSU’s and Telecom towards the closing bell. They will be in Red today.

[Disclaimer: Readers are requested to consider the above as merely indicative. For specific consultation, you may Contact the author of the domain]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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