Market on 9th November 2017

Om Nama Shivaya.


Stock Market daily

Tithi Shashti upto 16:42 PM Paksha Krishna
Nakshatra Punarvasu upto 13:40 PM Yoga Sadhya upto : 8:53 AM
Karana Vanji upto 16:42 PM Shuba upto 30:02
Vishti  upto 27:44 Day Thursday


– Today Moon starts in a Baal Awastha.

– Markets will plan the position for the initial 20 minutes

– Then the mood will be stable. Slowly buying will pick up.

– This trend will be seen unlit 10:50 AM. From here till 11:40 AM Markets will be range bound.

– From 11:40 AM markets will fluctuate until 13:30 PM. Then again Markets will be in the upward movement.

– The Upward movement will continue till 14:00 PM. Then finally the Markets will be down until 15:15 PM.

[Disclaimer: The above readings are astrological. Readers are requested to consult their personal advisor and then take positions in the Market. Action based on the above readings will be purely at the reader’s risk]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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