The Hidden Astro Secrets

The Hidden Astro Secrets



A common experience is that: We usually feel dejected with our failures and say “had we known the outcome, we would have planned better”. We look for a torch that can give light to the possible outcome which will help us to act better and avoid failures. Unfortunately, though technology has advanced, no such apparatus has been invented till now.

Though one cannot avoid failures completely, as every coin has two sides, success and failure are also the two dimensions which everyone must endure in their lifespan. All that one can do is minimise the number of failure in one’s life. At it is here the hidden secrets of Astrology comes to help us.

Astrology is the ancient science, of nine planets, which works like a big clock in a native’s birth chart. Also known as a horoscope. When these nine planets reach a certain angle, the ancient science of astrology tells us that a certain event is likely to occur. Is the cat out of the bag? Is it that easy to reveal the secret? Yes, it is! Therefore, it is believed that astrology gives the secret of one’s life.

Will astrology give the same results to all, to the same question? Not really.

Here, the Native’s birth chart is always constant; however, the planets keep moving, clockwise or anti-clockwise. It is hence when a native is born, his or her birth chart will capture the planetary position, in the orbit, at that time of birth and place the same in a horoscope format. Therefore, no two persons, including a twin born siblings, will have the same birth chart or horoscope.

Now, as these planets keep moving, the results of their transit may not be the same to every individual. It could be married to someone, getting a job to another or could even be progeny to the third. It will vary as per the moon sign, constellation/nakshatra and even considering the ascendant of every individual person. Therefore, though the transit of planets gives us the possible outcome of an event, to know the exact outcome, day and time, it would be always better to sit one to one with an expert astrologer and get your readings done.

However, there is certain major transit during the month or year or at a stipulated time, that can alert all of us in advance with the outcome. This is mainly to take precautionary measure to reap the benefits completely.

For example, Moon moving to the 8th house form your Moon sign of natal chart, for 2 ½ days, is an indication of poor luck. This transit occult after every 28th day, from the last transit. If one keeps this in mind, he or she can avoid taking a major decision around that time. You can save yourself from grave consequence.

Similarly, Sade Sathi or the 7 ½ years Saturn’s’ transit. We all know that Sade Sathi is common to all, though the outcome would vary. The transit of Saturn is the slowest among the nine planets, but we all know, during Sade Sathi, all those who fall in a certain Moon sign get affected by the transit of Saturn’s wrath. Therefore, one can take the precautionary remedy and stay insulated from adverse results.

Again, the auspicious transit of Jupiter every year. From the list of 12 moon signs, Jupiter’s transit is usually favourable to at least 5 of them. For the 6th one, it would be moderate. And the remainder will be below average. Therefore, any auspicious event such as marriage or progeny happens during the auspicious transit of Jupiter The transit of Jupiter would also bring new role in our office, change in job, increments, wisdom and knowledge to children and overall prosperity to the benevolent native. It is also a good time to expand business and initiate many auspicious activities in one’s life.

Therefore, the secret of astrology is vast and deep. Some of the secrets can be easily identified through the transit of planets and for further deep analysis, one will have to consult an expert astrologer, from time to time and seek clarity.

Such as ideal time to start a business, the right age to get married, the right person to get married (horoscope match making) all this would need a one to one session with an expert astrologer. It is then you can seek clarity and act accordingly.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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