The Stock market and Nifty on 25th June 2018

Nifty Market on 25th July 2018

Stock Market daily

– The Nifty market will see speculation initially.

– Most of the Sectors such as Pharma, Industrial Chemicals, Infrastructure, Telecom, will see a rise in initial trading session. They would take the market up.

– But soon after 10:15 AM, the market will see some change in the trends.

– Nifty Market will oscillate from time to time.

– Please be a stock of specific sectors. You can also be stock specific.

– Give yourself some time, as Markets will give many different stands from time to time.

– Though the 3:30 PM factor will see selling pressure to the highest form.

– Sectors such as Pharma, Industrial Chemicals, Telecom, Luxury, Textile, Retail etc., will see an uprise. You will see capital appreciation.

– Make no mistake, the market will be in Red overall, through these sectors will see some positive change.

– The only word of caution is any news affecting the market trends now.

[Disclaimer: The above readings are purely astrological. Readers are requested to consult their personal advisor and then take positions in the Market. Action based on the above readings will be purely at the reader’s risk]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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