U.S and China Trade Truce…. Will this work?

U.S and China Trade Truce…. Will this work?

USA And China

The entire world has been watching the trade war between the USA and China since the Mid-2018. Are they mere rhetoric’s or is it a genuine threat to the world trade, where the no 1 and 2 economic giants (USA and China, respectively) are engaged in a serious fight?

At this juncture, the global economist and experts in financial markets are puzzled.  They are trying to read between the lines and figure out the possible outcome, assuming that the comments of President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China, are serious. Especially on the trade war truce for 90 days, announced by the two sides on 1st December 2018 at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Where, the two sides decided to implement certain guidelines to end the trade way, seen more compromising form the side of China.

Across the globe, there are many expectations from this announced truce which shall end by 28th February 2019. Some even expect a miracle to save the world trade from collapsing since there have been collateral damages that have already affected trading blocs.

Though Financial experts and Economist are pinning different hopes, we tried to decipher the possible outcome, through the prism of astrology. As ancient science has given many scientific tools which would help and possibly even predict the outcome that would take place.

In this case, we tried to use to check the Panchang or the Hindu Almanac for the date of 1st December 2018, with the place as Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since this is the starting date and as agreed by the two sides, the time is ticking clockwise. We tried to analyze the possible outcome with the use of Panchang and to our surprise, we found that nothing serious would materialize from this truce. It would be like taking 1 step forward and two steps backwards, especially by China as they would temporarily take a back seat, only to regain the lost turf in the future.

Let us study this with great details. At the onset, let us look at the Panchang on 1st December 2018, with Place as: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Navami 6:51:53 AM
Dashami Whole night
Uttar Phalguni 19:01:11 PM
Hasta The whole night
Moon Sign
Kanya Rasi The whole day
Gar 6:51:35 AM
Vanji 18:09:58
Priti 20:50:37 PM

In short, the above has been the details. Now, let us also look at the Nakshatra of the USA which is: Dhanishta, Kumbha Rashi and that of China is: Purva Bhadrapada, Kumbha Rashi. Now, by mere Nakshatra, the USA will never accommodate China, as the two are always polls apart from each other. This difference will exist for life, hence if you see the recent spat between the two sides, they would always have a difference of opinion.

Now, let us come to the detailed analysis of the Truce that has been decided. If one would analyze the date on which this was announced, the one big mistake, which has been done by the two sides is that it was announced and initiated, when Moon was in the 8th house from the Moon sign, of both the countries in their respective natal chart. This is a clear indication that the two sides have not been in happy terms to accept a solution, but have bowed to the present circumstances.

Thus, the natural corollary would be that the truce would last for 90 days, with many troubles and nothing concrete would materialize. This is really a matter to worry. Since the two giants would engage in an ego fight, affecting each other’s, economy and also a jolt to the global economy. There can be slow down at the global front, which would be disturbing and shall demand more from steps to be undertaken by the two countries.

Will There be any agreement on Trade between the USA and China?

Considering the planetary positions and the individual natal charts, the two sides may not easily come to a trading term, benefiting mutually. Therefore, the coming future (read 2019) is not looking very perspective. More so, since the two counties are of the same Moon sign, the duo would enter Sade Sathi from 26th January 2020, which is one year from now. This would be a testing phase, where both the side may not see eye to eye with each other.  One can leave the possible outcome to be analyzed then, however, for the time being, this truce may not truly yield desired results to the global economy and its future outcome.

[Disclaimer: The above is mere astrological analyzed.  Readers can Contact  the author for views and personal consulatation]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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