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Om Nama Shivaya.

The Union Budget 2018 has been looked up by many experts on various points to gather in which way the Indian economy is supposed to tread in the FY 2018-19.

Many economists and finance experts gave their views and opinion which were on either side of the table. With great detailing, one will come to know the updates in a few days from one, however, Vedicatroservice.com has tried to analyze the impact of Union Budge 2018 through the prism of astrology.

Though experts will do number crunching and undertake many other exercises, still astrology has its own methodology to interpret the Union budget 2018. At the same time, I would request my readers to keep the disclaimer in mind here at the footnote.

For the analysis, we have taken the date of 1st of February 2018, with the time as 11:04 AM and the place as New Delhi. The horoscope which will be cast with these details has the following planetary position mentioned below.



            1st February 2018

Place: New Delhi.

Time: 11: 04 AM

Rahu, Moon



Ketu, Venus, Mercury, Sun  



Saturn Mars Jupiter  



At the glance of the above chart, one can see the placement of Moon in the 4th house and that too heavily helmed in between Rahu and Ketu, & receives direct aspect of Venus, Mercury a, d Sun. If we analyze from the cups chart, then Moon and Rahu are in the 5th house and all the other planets namely: Ketu, Venus, Mercury, and Sun are in the 11th cusp. Therefore, in both the chart, the state of Moon is heavily helmed and a confusion or at least a difference of opinion among the experts, economist and financial planners is evident.

Now, Moon indicates of state of mind. It is very clear from the above chart, that the Finance Minister had to walk a tightrope. Any miscommunication can upset the market. This also includes the stock market. Thus, for some time, the markets were down and then rebounded to the resilient level. But, form the above chart it is very clear that the nitty-gritty needed some more detailing. Some confusion did exist while preparing the budget draft.  Thus, the budget did offer many pleasing proposals to one and all, but unfortunate, the government could not give much to please all, as they had to walk a tightrope. Though the good part is, the Union Government has certainly tried to please one and all.

This can be analyzed form the Cusp chart where four planets are placed in the 11th cusp. There is a good chance that as one would move ahead during the FY 2018-19, where common man will be happy. They will feel being empowered, though not completely, but certainly to some extent.  But will the party last long? Will the government be in a position to keep some of the policy proposals mentioned in the Budget chart? For this, let us understand the above chart in detailed.

In the above chart, if one takes a look at the 2nd house lord for income, it happens to be Venus. Venus is also the sub lord of 2nd and 11th cups. Venus is well placed in the 11th cusp itself which is a very good news. But, is it sufficient? Venus is heavily combust in its placement. This clearly indicates, that while we move ahead in FY 2018-19, the Fiscal prudence of the government will come under some stress. This is also supported by the Mahadasha and Antradasha at the time of charting the above horoscope.

At the time of presenting the Union budget, the Mahadasha which is active is that of Mercury. The Antradasha is that of Jupiter. Jupiter antradasha will last until June 2018. Jupiter antradasha will help the Union government to get what was planned in the budget. But, once you move away from June 2018, there is a matter to worry. Since the above chart will move to Saturn antradasha. Considering the Saturn antradasha there is a high chance that the expenses will slip and increase to a worrying factor. This will be worrying for one and all. The government may fall short in their Indirect tax revenue collection such as GST and will have to make up through various other income sources.


Budget 2


Around this time, it would be advisable for the Union government to constantly take inputs from experts,  professionals and proactively manage the expectations and economy. On the closing note, the common man of the country has good faith on the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. This is supported by the 10th house cusp being Ketu, placed in the 11th cusp house of mass appeal.

Vedicastroservice.com wishes good luck to the Union Government and wish them great results for the coming months.

[Disclimer: The above article is purely inferred as per the Planetary transit and MD and AD at the time of presenting the Union Budget 2018. Readers are advised to evaluate only after taking all other parameters. Any action based on the above article will be subject to readers own risk]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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