Who will be the next Prime Minister?

Who will be the next Prime Minister?

As India is headed to the 17th Lok Sabha election scheduled to begin from April and continue all the way till May 2019. Towards the end of the May 2019, the results would be out, ending the suspense. But in the interim one question which is inquisitive in everyone’s mind is, who would be the next Prime Minister?

Will our beloved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi with all his sincerity and dedication be rewarded another term?  Or is the recent noise made by the opposition would gain grounds? This is a one-million-dollar question which everyone would like to know.

Psephologist, Journalist, expert across the globe are wondering who would take the mammoth task of becoming the 15th Prime Minister of India in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Since no one has definite answers, it is here the ancient science of Vedic astrology that always comes handy.

We have here tried to analyze the Natal Chart of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi  along with some more prominent possibilities, who are trying to be a contender at the opposition.

To name a few: Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, and Mamata Banerjee. There are some other names too, who are making noise, however, we decided to analyze each of them in a series to give our readers a better perspective. You can look for more such articles in the time to come.

Following is the analysis.

Sri Narendra Modi 

Date of Birth: 17th September 1950.

Place of birth: Mehsana.

Time: 11:10 AM.

Source: Online reference.

Below is the Natal Chart:

Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan meets PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Jupiter Rashi              Chart
Saturn, Venus
Asc, Mars, Moon Mercury, Ketu, Sun

In the above, Chart, honourable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi . Needless to say, is born with Many Raj-Yogas. For instance: he has Ruchak-Pancha Maha Purusha yoga formed in the lagna (Vrischika/Scorpio), which makes him a born leader. Add to this is the Square formed between Moon and Jupiter, blessing him with Gajakesari yoga. Therefore, the foundation of his natal chart is very strong.

Let us analyse the present planetary position in his natal chart. Sri Narendra Modi is in the Mahadasha of Moon and antradasha of Ketu until June 2019. Post which he would enter the antradasha of Venus, with the same Maha Dasha. Though people argue that Sri Narendra Modi, has a debilitated Moon in the natal chart, making him quite impulsive in temperament. But what they fail to understand is that Sri Narendra Modi is of Anuradha Nakshatra. This is a nakshatra which is quite stable and Moon in this Nakshatra would also make the person wise and they act only after careful thought process.  Hence, he is always careful in decision making.

With the presence of Ketu in the 11th house of gains, followed by Venus in the 10th house in the natal chart, it is very clear that Sri Narendra Modi would be the next Prime Minister of India in 2019. Since Ketu and Venus antradasha would be operational when elections are scheduled to take place.

He would again be in the pinnacle of his career with status, power and honour, coming to him naturally due to the love and affection of his supporters. Hence, without doubt, Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has an advantageous position in 2019.

Let us also now compare this with some of the names mentioned above who can be his contenders.

Rahul Gandhi:

Date of Birth: 18th June 1970.

Place of birth: New Delhi.

Time: 21:52 PM.

Source: Online reference.

Below is the Natal Chart:

Rahul Gandhi

Saturn Mercury Mars, Sun
Rahu Rashi              Chart Venus
Asc Ketu
Moon Jupiter

In the above chart, one can see, Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi are of the same Moon sign, Vrischika Rashi or Scorpio Moon sign. However, ascendants differ in their respective natal charts.

Further, even Rahul Gandhi is under the influence of Moon Mahadasha, but with Mercury Antra Dasha. The antradasha of Mercury would last till June 2020. Though the Mercury in the natal chart of Rahul Gandhi is well placed, however, the foundation of the natal chart is weak.

Since in his case the debilitated Moon does not enjoy any support of any Raj-Yoga, the overall gains in his natal chart would be below average. Though he would be in limelight, his possibility of becoming a Prime Minister, be in 2019 or even further thereafter is bleak.

Specifically talking of 2019, the upcoming transit of Rahu and Ketu in the month of March 2019 would further accelerate the loss of position and power in his natal chart. This would again damage, the possibility of forming a formidable alliance to give a credible alternative political possibility.

Though some critiques argue, that the recent rise of the Indian National Congress in the three Hindi states namely: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh, were due to the efforts of Rahul Gandhi. However, let me remind them that the defeat was merely due to the inherent weakness of the respective natal chart of the then three incumbent Chief Ministers of these states. Hence the credit was a natural corollary.

Therefore, one can safely assume that the possibility of Rahul Gandhi is comparatively weak. Even to project him as leader of opposition looks bleak.


Date of Birth: 15th January 1956

Place of birth: Daulatpur, U.P

Time: 19:50 PM.

Source: Online reference.

Below is the Natal Chart:


Venus Rashi              Chart Asc
Moon, Mercury Sun Jupiter
Saturn, Rahu, Mars

As one would see in the above Chart of Mayawati, she is of Makar/Capricorn Rashi and Karka/Cancer Ascendant. Since she is of Makar Rashi, she has entered the 1st phase of Sade-sathi since October 2017. This is one shortcoming which she would have to deal with. However, in the recent past, her natal chart has gained some strength. Hence, she is in a revival mode of her political career. Let us see with the following analysis.

Presently in her natal chart, Mayawati is in the Mahadasha of Mercury and antradasha of Venus. This would last till August 2019 and then she would be in the antradasha of Sun from there on. The antradasha of Venus is quite normal but the antradasha Sun is promising in her horoscope. Especially to review her political career. She would be quite successful in the same to achieve.

Though she would be in a dominant position, this would be at best allow her to lead a team of opposition. In other words, not to be a true contender of becoming the next Prime Minister.

Again, looking at the political wind later, there is also a possibility that she would try to negotiate and support the ruling government, to keep both the incumbent and opposition well oiled to lead a good working relationship. She may be even successful in her endeavor.

However, when we consider her natal chart for a possibility of P.M Candidate, then she too may fall short to match the Charisma of honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi 

Thus, we can safely assume that she too would not be in the helm of affairs.

Mamata Banerjee:

Date of Birth: 5th January 1955

Place of birth: Kolkata

Time: 05:30 AM.

Source: Astrology Journal.

Below is the Natal Chart:


Moon Ketu
Mars Rashi              Chart Jupiter
Asc, Rahu, Sun, Mercury Venus               Saturn

Mamata Banerjee, commonly addressed as Didi, has a Moon in Vrushaba Rashi or Taurus Moon sign. Thus, she is presently troubled due to the transit of Saturn in the 9th house form his Moon sign. Albeit a temporary relief can be experienced with transit Jupiter would create a Vedha effect on transit Saturn. Thus, she would have a better the year 2019.

However, as we are analyzing the possibility of any alternative P.M candidate to our Honourable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, Mamata Banerjee too does not enjoy much support of the divine stars to elevate her to the highest position in the national capital. She would have a good time for another one year, post which her political career may see serious questions. She would even see a downfall in the assembly elections scheduled in West Bengal around 2021. By then, she would have waned from the political arena.

Thus, we can safely assume, that she too would fail to rise in her political career to become the next Prime Minister in 2019.


It is very clear from the above astrological analysis, that our serving Prime Minister honorable Sri Narendra Modi, Would again get elected as the 15th Prime Minister of India in 2019.

We wish him all the good success for the upcoming elections in 2019.

[Disclimer: The above is a mere Astrological analysis and has no allegiance with any political party. To get more details, readers can Contact the author]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....