Will BJP retain Gujarat in the 2017 elections?

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Gujarat Model which was the trump card of our ruling Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi in the prelude to 2014 general elections is well known.  The people of India were unhappy with the earlier ruling dispensation and voted for a new government to rule at the country at the Centre. It was well known, that Sri Narendra Modi had an upper edge right since the start of the 2014 general election campaign and finally BJP formed a government in a majority. People believed that Gujarat model, as claimed by Sri Narendra Modi will bring prosperity to India, which was not seen in the earlier ruling government.

But as we are nearing the elections for Gujarat in December 2017, the pitch has gone up as suddenly the people of India are questioning, was there actually a Gujarat Model? As a wide range of people are unhappy with the present ruling government in Gujarat and agitating for a better change, the question of development is getting pertinent day by day. Be it the Patidar agitation, OBC requirements or the Dalit rights etc., the state seems unanimous to ask for a change in governance. This has made the ruling BJP jittery and giving some edge to the option. The party even invited Sri Narendra Modi as their star campaigner and try his luck to win the next Gujarat election in 2017. The larger question is this change be possible? Will the ruling BJP government at the State level retain their stand or will there be a case of anti-incumbency, forcing them to vacate the office to a new political party?



The psephologist is crunching numbers every day to find out the closest prediction for the Gujarat 2017 election outcome. At the start of the exercise, these expert psephologists had given a clear majority to the present ruling BJP government, but as they have been coming closer to the election dates, they are reworking on their numbers and figuring out the closest prediction.

In this scenario, let us check the possible outcome of Gujarat election 2017 through the prism of astrology. To do so, we will evaluate two horoscope charts. One will be the chart of Gujarat and the other will be that of BJP. Let me remind my readers, all these sources, i.e; date of birth, time and place of birth is purely taken from the online source.

Horoscope of Gujarat:

The state of Gujarat come into existing on 1st of May 1960, separating from Maharashtra. Gujarat has been the centre of business in India for a long time and has given many noted brands to the country and even at International level. Let us look at the chart of Gujarat.




Venus, Sun




Keu, Mars




1st May 1960




Asc, Jupiter (R), Saturn (R)



On the date of formation of the state of Gujarat, the ascendant rising was Sagittarius and the Moon was transiting from the 7th house from ascendant which is of Gemini. Moon is deposited in the constellation/Star of Rahu.

Now, the state of Gujarat is headed to elections on 9th and 14th of December 2017. This means, there are two phases of elections. On the date of 9th and 14th December, if one would look at the position of Mercury, the planet is retrograde on both the days. Mercury is important since the start of BJP is Jyeshta which is owned by Mercury. In fact, on the date of 14th December 2017, Mercury would be transiting in the star of Jyeshta and retrograde. Which means the day of 14th is more inauspicious for the party BJP. As on the former date, some wave will help the BJP to retain the ground, but on 14th December 2017, it would be decisively a negative day for the Party.

For the reference sake, let us also look at the horoscope of BJP.


The political part named Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) came into existence on the 6th of April 1980. At the time of formation, the ascendant was in Gemini and the Moon was transiting over Scorpio sign, in the star of Jyeshta, which is owned by Mercury as explained earlier.  The following is their horoscope.








Ketu, Mercury



6th of April, 1980


Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars





Now, at the time of the election, lord Mercury will be transiting in the star of Moola on 9th and will move back to the star of Jyeshta on 13th December 2017. So, on the date of 14th December Mercury will be retrograde in motion and in the star owned by Mercury, which is Jyeshta. Both these dates are not auspicious for BJP. Since on 9th December 2017, only at the planet Mercury will be retrograde, but again on14th December 2017, even at the star level, Mercury will be retrograde. Which mean, BJP will have to face tough competition, may not be from the opposition, but this time from the business and trader’s community. Since Mercury in astrology represents traders and businessman, they may not be impressed with the recent decisions taken at the Central level. Somewhere, the dissatisfaction of Demonetisation and GST will hurt the part very hard. All their claims of Gujarat model will slowly come to a standstill, making it difficult to hide the true face of Gujarat.  Does this mean a complete washout to BJP in the elections of Gujarat 2017? May not be so. Let us looks at the reason.

Now, once the results will be out on 18th December 2017, to much of a surprise to all, BJP would have fallen short of their previous scored numbers. Does this mean, a new government in Gujarat after ruling it for more than two decades? The answer is NO. there a good chance for BJP to form the next government in the state of Gujarat in 2017, but this time they would have to remain settled with less number of steats from the earlier one. It would not be an easy sail through to the Party which boosted the Gujarat Model in 2014 elections. Thus, the next government to be formed in Gujarat in 2017 will be BJP only. But with the support of other parties will be the outcome.

Wish the party of BJP a very good luck for Gujarat elections 2017.


[Disclaimer: The above readings are purely astrological and not supported by any other analysis]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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