Will India take revenge on its neighbours after Pulwama attack?

Will India take revenge on its neighbours after Pulwama attack?


The recent attack from Jaish Muhammad in Pulwama on Indian territory in the region of Kashmir has brought much anguish amongst Indians. Since the attack martyred close to 42 CRPF Jawans has outraged not only in India but also abroad.

The Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has promised to take stern action against its perpetrators. He even pointed out that the neighbours are hand in glove with the perpetrators. Therefore, the anger and rage have increased even more. So, at this juncture, we at Vedicastroservice.com wanted to check, astrologically, the consequence after this attack in Pulwama.

We maintain our disclaimer, that we do not support or oppose or blame any country in this article. Though we strongly condemn the attack and pray for the families who’s beloved were martyred. We wanted to check, how will India react and avenge on the perpetrators.

In order to analyse we decided to take the Horary Method.

Following are the details.

Date: 16th February 2019.

Time: 6:14:32 AM.

Horary No: 16.

Mars  Asc Moon
Mercury, Sun  


Horary Chart










In this chart, Mars is in the 1st house of the horary chart, which clearly indicates, that India will not let the perpetrators go scot free. So, that is the first good news the cherish about. Since Mars indicates revenge and we will not let the world imaging that we are a soft country.  We decided to further analyse the chart.

We used the Sub lord method in analysing Horary chart, and we checked the Cusp of 1st house is Saturn, 6th house is Jupiter, 7th house Saturn, 10th Cusp is Mars and 11th cusp is again Saturn.

In this only Saturn is untenanted, whereas Jupiter and Mars and tenanted. Saturn is signifying 9th, 10th and 11th house. Since Saturn is involved it is clear that India would do Justice to the Martyred family and this would be undertaken soon.

We even analysed what can be the possible steps in this direction and found that as a nation the country will take a series of steps that shall make it difficult for the perpetrators go scot free. Economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure and most importantly a military action. Since Jupiter is the 6th cusp and indicating 6th house, one can expect a similar attack like Uri to take place around the Indian regions.

Yes, this will be a tactical move and not a full-blown war-like situation. Merely because when we analysed the Ruling Planet (RP) around the time of Casting the horary Chart, we found the following: Moon, Rahu, Saturn , Mercury Venus and Ketu.

The DBA around then was RahuSaturnJupiter until 6th June 2019. Since the 1st two planets are in the RP and not Jupiter, it looks like India will take all measures, within limited actions and avenge the perpetrators. So a small attack is possible within a few weeks, though not on a massive scale. In other words, this can be within the territory of the country and not around the borders.

[Disclamier: We maintain the disclaimer above and all our analysis are merely astrological. For any comments or correction, the native can contact the author. Once again we pray for peace for the family and prosperity for the region of Kashmir]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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