Will King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan be Badshah again?

Will King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan be Badshah again?


King Khan, or Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, needs no introduction. Since he reached a height in the Bollywood. Started his career around the late ’80s in the small screen, it was always believed that Shah Rukh Khan, was known to reach the huge heights.

 The decades of the 90s and even till the late 2000s, King Khan had given many super hit movies. No doubt he had been no 1 in most movie awards which won him many accolades.

Thus, his success is seen across his career span, both in the small and big screen. However, the decade from 2010, till date has given is the success, but not to the league of the 90s and 2000s. We thought to decide to analyse his horoscope though Vedic astrology.

More so, from 2007-08, King Khan has been the owner of India Primer League (IPL) team, Kolkata Knight Riders.

As Usual, we at Vedicastroservice.com decided to analyse the natal horoscope of King Khan. We would like to maintain our disclaimer that we do not support or oppose any individual, at the same not to hurt the fan following. It has just been a simple astrological analysis. We would invite any correction or changes in the details mentioned below. We would be happy to stand corrected.

Below are the birth details.

Date of Birth: 02nd November 1965.

Time of Birth: 02:30 AM.

Place of Birth: New Delhi.

Source: Leading Astrology Magazine.
















Mercury, Ketu,





From the above natal chart, it is clear that Shah Rukh Khan has Ketu in the 4th house, conjoined with Mars, the lord of 9th house. The Ascendant is Leo and Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. This clearly indicates that he happened to lose his Parents at a very young age.

Thus, he has been very unfortunate in this regard. But has been blessed with many Raj Yog’s in his horoscope. Such as Ruchak (Mars) and Shasha Yog (Saturn). This clearly indicates that he has attained many heights due to this.

But despite these Yog’s, what Made King Khan, to fall short of his achievements which he reached in the past. Also, what would be the future of King Khan in the coming months and years?

Shah Rukh Khan has entered the Saturn Mahadasha from 2008 till 2027. This Dasha would last for 19 years. This Dasha has not been very good for King Khan, unlike the earlier Mahadasha of Jupiter.

Since, it was during the Jupiter Mahadasha which started from 1992 till 2007, Made Shah Rukh Khan, King Khan. Since the Jupiter MD made him entertain his audience and was successful to get many fans follows. Therefore, his success has been great. But in the Saturn MD, this may be missing. No doubt he would continue to grow, monetarily, but his fan following may slowly expect something new from his. He would be expected to undertake, new roles, to suite his age

For instance: in 2012 and 2014 when Shah Rukh Khan was running Mercury and Ketu Antradasha, respectively in the Mahadasha of Saturn, Kolkata Knight Riders could win the IPL award.

Thus, the coming time of Moon, Mars and Rahu Antradasha form January 2019 till July 2024, King Khan May not be in the same league as he was in the past. There would be a new invention of his personality which will make King Khan look for new success.

Again, it is strongly recommended to King Khan that he should be careful of his Monetary gains around this time. Since chances are high for incurring losses in his venture. This can put his Fans down.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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