Will Nitish Kumar be the Next PM?

Will Nitish Kumar be the Next PM?

Nitish and Modi

As India is nearing to the 17th General elections, commonly known as Lok Sabha (lower house or house of representatives) elections, each passing day is turning out to be interesting with news and updates.

In a recent news article with Economic Times, dates 7th February 2019, indicating that the present Serving Chief Minister of Bihar, Sri Nitish Kumar could be the next Prime Minister of India, in case if NDA forms the next government. The news reported that Sri Prashant Kishor, who is believed to be the brain behind the wave elections of 2014 that brought Sri Narendra Modi to the limelight and made him the Prime Minister of India; held a meeting with Shiv Sena chief Sri Uddhav Thackeray, at Mathoshree a few days ago.

The report stated that Sri Prashant Kishor suggested that Shiv Sena Should be part of the NDA alliance and end its difference with BJP. Since, in the event of a shortfall to the Majority in getting seats by the latter, then NDA would once again form the government headed by Sri Nitish Kumar. The news source is confirmed by someone present during the meeting.

Thus, the report has added some excitement in the minds of number crunchers and psephologist. Therefore, many are now trying to analyze the possibility of Sri Nitish Kumar becoming the next Prime Minister of India. Hence with this news coming up, we at Vedicastroservice.com decided to analysis the horoscope of Sri Nitish Kumar.

Also, we decided to consider this as a series two, of our earlier prediction Who will be the next prime minister of India? In order to come out with analysis, we have used the natal charts and also took the horary route to infer a possible outcome. Also, to get a deeper analysis, we thought of using the Sub-lord method to that of a Vedic astrology system. Since there are many contenders for the post of PM within the NDA and even in the opposition, we decided to use the analysis of Natal Chart and use Horary to confirm any possibility.

Once again Vedicastroservice.com stands by its disclaimer, that we do not support or oppose any political party or individual. All the analysis that we provide here is merely astrological and request the readers not to form an election opinion.

Below are the astrological details of Sri Nitish Kumar.

Date of Birth: 1st March 1951.

Time of Birth: 13:20 (1:20 PM)

Place of Birth: Bhaktiarpur, Patna District.

Source: Online Astrology website.



Mercury Sun,













From the above details, the natal chart of Rashi chart of Sri Nitish Kuma has Gemini or Mithuna Ascendant and Moon in Scorpio or Vrischika Rahi. He is in the last leg of Sade Sathi and presently he is running Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Antradasha up to September 2019. Both the position of Saturn and Rahu is well positioned; therefore, it indicates his success in politics. Also, with Gemini ascendant, it indicates that he would be assertive and intelligent to take swift moves in a political crisis. Thus, his position is quite strong to be in politics.

 We further analyzed his horoscope with the present Dasha, Bhukti, and antra. He is running Rahu Mahadasha, with Saturn Bhukti with Rahu antra until 29th April 2019. Then he would be in the last Antra of Jupiter until 15th September 2019. Thus, the Antara Dasha of Saturn would last till September 2019.

Post the above date, he would be in Rahu Mahadaha and Mercury  Antradasha. Mercury is the lord of Ascendant in his natal chart and also well placed in the 9th house from the ascendant. Thus, the Antradasha of Mercury can bring him again into Limelight.

This further indicates, that Sri Nitish Kumar can position himself as a PM Candidate post-poll alliance.

Further, when we analyzed the transit of Planets, the position of Rahu moving to Gemini sign on 6th March 2019, will reach the exact orb of Adra Nakshatra on 14th September 2019. This is an important transit since the ascendant in his horoscope is in Adra Nakshatra. Thus, Rahu which indicates politics and power would strengthen his position in politics towards the fag end of the year.

But one may say, that elections are to be held around April and May 2019. Further, towards the end of May 2019, results are to be announced, hence we decided to use the horary method here to check if there is any good possibility to support the natal chart.

Thus, the following is the Horary/Chalit chart with its analysis.

Place: Mumbai.

Date: 7th February 2019.

Time 10:59 AM

Horary No: 236 (we used a book of 249 pages to randomly arrive at this number).






Mercury, Sun  




At the time of horary, we had no planet that was Retrograde.  Also, the Ruling Planets (R.P) were as follows: Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars.

House 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Sub Lord Sun Venus Rahu Jupiter Saturn Moon Moon Ketu Rahu Jupiter Saturn Venus


Thus, the sub lord of 10th house is Jupiter, who is in Mercury nakshatra, indicating, 4th, 7th, and 11th house. Here the Sub lord is Rahu. Rahu is Positioned in the 10th house Also, the 11th house sub lord is *Saturn with Jupiter as its Sub lord. Here, Saturn is untenanted.

Therefore, the position of 10th sub lord is quite strong. Again, since there is Saturn, Venus, and Ketu in the 10th house of Chalit Chart, which completely confirms, the strength of the 10th house of position, power, and authority.

Therefore, fundamentally, the Horary chart is very strong. Also, we checked the 3rd house (courage) and 9th house (consensus building) and the placement of Jupiter in the 9th house further confirms that Sri Nitish Kumar is looking for alliance support, albeit tacitly. Therefore, it is evident, that Sri Nitish Kumar, may be successful in building a strong supporter base, post elections.

This is confirmed with the Dasha-Bhukti-Antra Analysis. As the present DBA is Rahu-Mars-Saturn. Later after 22nd May 2019, the DBA will be Rahu-Mars-Ketu, which represents the Ruling Planet (R.P) at the time of horary analysis.

Thus, Mars is in the 1st house, Rahu is the 4th house and Ketu in the 10th house, which clearly indicates, that it is Sri Nitish Kumar can turn out to be a Dark Horse, in the post-poll scenario.

Therefore, there are clear chances that Sri Nitish Kumar can become an alternative to Sri Narendra Modi, in case if BJP falls short of getting a full majority.

[Disclimer: The above is a mere possibility. Any alteration in the results is possible, purely on the basis of efforts and actions. Readers can Contact the author for consultaion]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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