Will Northern Ireland be part of the United Kingdom?

Will Northern Ireland be part of the United Kingdom?

Northern Ireland


The Brexit deal or no deal? Has been confusing the native of the United Kingdom (U.K). More so to the native living in Northern Ireland. Since, the Westminster has rejected the Brexit deal, which allowed U.K to be out of European Union (E.U) but at the same time, gave a relaxation to Northern Ireland, to remain within the European Union.

With this, there is a growing concern as to what would be the next step in Brexit, by Prime Minister Theresa May? Since there seem to be no much space for renegotiation with E.U, a new Brexit deal, where the reversal of “Backstop arrangement” which will block the Northern Ireland to be part of European Union is highly unlikely.

Therefore, there is one fear which is also being speculated Will Northern Ireland be part of U.K? is there a likelihood of any separation? Will the confusion over Brexit will axe Northern Ireland from U.K and shall join the main parts of Ireland?

We decided to analyze these grave questions through the prism of astrology. As Vedicastroservice.com has often come out with such predictions and we are glad to bring to you the astrology readings on the possibility of Northern Ireland, separating from the main Land of United Kingdom.

Here, again, we maintain our standard disclaimer that we do not support or oppose any party, individual or ideology, and have been purely following the principles of astrological predictions. We use the natal chart, and if necessary horary chart too to find a possible answer. We welcome any suggestion or comments on the article.

Now, in this case, we shall use the natal chart in Northern Ireland. Below are its details.

Date of Birth: 7th December 1922.

Time: 15:28 (3:28 PM)

Place: Belfast.

Source: Online.

Ketu   Asc,  






Natal Chart







Mercury, Venus, Sun  


Rahu, Saturn


With these details, Northern Ireland has Taurus Ascendant and Cancer Moon sign. Moon is in the constellation of Punarvasu Nakshatra. Therefore, the present transit of Rahu upon the Moon sign is the reason for much confusion that one is witnessed by Northern Ireland.

Also, Northern Ireland is presently in the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antradasha of Saturn. Saturn is indicating a Separation, as being placed in the 6th house along with Rahu. Therefore, the lord of Mahadasha and Antradasha, both are indicating separation. Which means, the possibility is quite high. Therefore, one point is clear, that Northern Ireland will not agree to any negotiation which will keep them outside the E.U bloc. Further making the stand of PM Theresa May’s Soft Hard Brexit, even more difficult.


In fact, the Antradasha of Saturn started from June 2017 and shall last till October 2022. This further confirms a strong possibility of separation from the United Kingdom. Now, if there is no outcome on the Brexit deal by 29th March 2019, then some savior is likely. Else, a maximum of 8 months, from there on, Northern Ireland would demand a separate recognition, and consider themselves to be along with the mainland of Ireland. A timeline on this looks like any time after January 2020.

Again, if one would rewind and check out the past history, it is clear that Northern Ireland had always posed the question of their liberty and independence. Since, Northern Ireland, as majority stood by with the Remainders side of the Brexit Campaign. This meant, that they always wanted to be with the European Union.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

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