Will Robert Vadra be jailed?

Will Robert Vadra be jailed?



Robert Vadra is no new name to any one of us. Married to Smt Priyanka Gandhi in the year 1997, and Son in Law of Sri Rahul Gandhi has been into business since early days.

Robert Vadra first came in limelight with the then UPA government which was in the centre from 2004-2014 and was involved in various controversies. Especially his real estate business which has been accused by even the Delhi Chief Minister Sri Arvind Kejriwal.

Adding Fuel to this, it was Sri Narendra Modi who had vehemently attacked the then UPA government to shield Robert Vadra and provided him with political immunity. Thus, his name has been consistently attached in the Media for being part of the Gandhi Family.

However, recently the questioning of Enforcement Directorate (E.D) questioned Robert Vadra on some of the properties held by him, abroad. In fact, more specifically about properties in London and other regions of Europe. The questioning lasted for two successive days, which till now had not led to an arrest. However, the media is ripe with speculation that he can be arrested for further interrogation on some wrongdoing.

At this juncture, we at Vedicastroservice.com decided to analysis his horoscope in detail. We found the birth details of Robert Vadra through some reputed online website. With the same, we decided to provide the readers with the possibility of the outcome, astrologically.

Once again, we stand by our disclaimer, that we do not support or oppose any individual or political party. All our readings are purely based on astrological analysis and request our readers not to ascertain the some as final. However, we welcome comments or any correction on our part to lay down the facts as presented here.

Horoscope of Robert Vadra.

Date of Birth: 18th May 1969.

Place of Birth: 18:47 (6:47 PM)

Time of Birth: Moradabad.





Sun, Mercury(R)




Rashi Chart








Asc, Mars (R),



Jupiter (R)


Robert Vadra Was born in Ascendant of Scorpio and Moon sign of Taurus. His Nakshatra is Mrigashirsha 2nd Pada.  Now, he is in the Maha Dasha of Saturn and Antradasha of Moon. Saturn is debilitated and placed in the 6th house from ascendant which is for disputes and legal problems. The Mahadasha of Saturn started in September 2007. Therefore, the lackluster sheen of Robert Vadra started from 2010-11, when the then opposition started to question his role in various land deals.

Thus, considering these incidents, this looks possible that Robert Vadra is in trouble. Also, if one analyses the horoscope of Smt Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra, the duo suffers from Bhakoot Yoga (1,12th Ascendant to each other). Therefore, there can be some disturbance too in their married life, more so in the recent past.

Now, coming to the point, Will Robert Vadra be arrested? We decided to find the answer through his natal chart.

As mentioned, his natal chart is of Scorpio ascendant, Saturn is presently transiting through his ascendant. Which indicates physical hardships. Also, the upcoming Rahu and Ketu transit in March 2019, indicates that the rouble at the legal front can get serious. Since, if he does not get proper legal advice, he can be incarcerated, albeit for a short duration.

Also, his legal trouble shall be for the major part of 2019, and if not fought the same with sanity, then the trouble is sure to stay long. Thus, it would be better for Robert Vadra to undertake some remedies, that shall help him to save at the bell. More so after 20th March 2019. If the caught in the legal tangle, then the rest of the year shall be serious and troublesome.

Therefore, some astrological remedies can save him at this juncture.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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