Will Scotland leave the United Kingdom?

Will Scotland leave the United Kingdom?


After each passing day, it is getting clear that the United Kingdom, may lead the European Union without any deal. Which means, Brexit will end in a crash. At this juncture, there are undercurrents which are developing for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom. Is this possible? Will Scotland leave the United Kingdom  Recent Vedicastroserviec.com had predicted that there are strong changes that Northern Ireland may join the mainland of Ireland. With this new development, we at Vedicastroservice.com decided to analyze if there is any possibility of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom. As always, we maintain our standard declaration that we at Vedicastroserivce.com do not support or oppose any individual, ideology and political movement or party. All our articles are purely based on the astrological reading of the natal chart. Hence, we welcome any changes or correction on the details provided herewith by the esteem readers.

Again, our interest in reading the natal chart of Scotland is that they have been insisting for a separation from the mainland of the UK for long. Thus, this is also an area of interest as to why is this happening and will eventually Scotland leave the United Kingdom?

Below are the details of Scotland.

Date of Birth: 13th May 1707.

Time: 00:01 AM

Place: London.

We chose this date since this is not the actual birth chart of Scotland. This is the birth chart of the first succession between Scotland and England, leading to the Formation of the United Kingdom. Thus, examining the natal chart is quite imperative.




Rahu, Mercury


Saturn, Sun














In the above chart as one would see the Moon sign is Virgo and the ascendant of the chart is Sagittarius. This means the foundation of the chart is quite weak since the ascendant is a dual sign. Also, though Moon in the 10th house from the ascendant, on closure analysis, one can see that Moon is actually in the 8th house in the cusp. Therefore, the mind of the chart clearly indicates constant disputes and seeking separation from the United Kingdom.  It is for this reason, that Scotland tried many a time in the past to separate themselves from the United Kingdom.

Now let us check out the Mahadasha and Antradasha in the chart. Presently the country is running Mercury Mahadasha and Rahu Antradasha. Rahu is in the 4th house in the Rashi chart, but in the cusp, it represents the 2nd house. Therefore, the question of separation is constantly on a rise. Also, the possibility of separation is more likely since even the upcoming Jupiter Antradasha is indicated separation. Therefore, the separation from the mainland of the United Kingdom is likely.

Now, when we look at the transit in the natal chart, the upcoming Rahu and Ketu transit in the month of March 2019, over the ascendant will trigger the much serious possibility of permanent separation from the United Kingdom.

This is also indicating that the people of Scotland may not be in favor a no deal Brexit, but looking at the natal chart of the United Kingdom, this cannot be ruled out.

Thus, the time after 2019, looks for a possible break-up of the region with the kingdom.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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