Will Smt. Priyanka Gandhi prove lucky to Indian National Congress in 2019?

Will Smt. Priyanka Gandhi prove lucky to Indian National Congress in 2019? 

Priyanka Gandhi

Another new entrant in Politics from the Gandhi Family Smt: Priyanka Gandhi. Finally, the long suspense of her role in Indian politics has just been unravelled.  From the recent news of her appointment as the General Secretary of Indian National Congress (INC) with additional responsibilities to hand campaign in eastern Utter Pradesh for 2019 General elections, there is a new buzz.

I.N.C has decided to fight tooth and nail to take on the ruling dispensation in 2019 general elections and it is speculated that the elevation of Smt. Priyanka Gandhi is a move in that direction.

With her elevation, many political pundits and psychologist have started to analyze the political equations between INC and the Mahagatbandhan. Some even speculate that there are back-channel talks with Mahagatbandhan alliance partners on a seat-sharing arrangement, spearheaded by Smt. Priyanka Gandhi.  So, Will Smt. Priyanka Gandhi, bring a dent to the incumbent government headed by Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. Will she really revive the INC Party and find a respectable seat for the party with the Mahagatbandhan coalition?

We thought of analyzing this question through the prism of astrology. As always, Vedicastroservice.com has been analyzing the natal charts of celebrities. Therefore, all our analysis is purely astrological.

Following is the analysis.

Date of Birth: 12th January 1972.

Place of Birth: New Delhi.

Time of Birth: 01:59 AM

Source: Online.









Rashi Chart









Mercury, Sun, Jupiter  




Born in the Moon sign of Scorpio or Vrischika Rashi, with the Ascendant of Libra, no doubt Smt. Priyanka Gandhi is naturally blessed with the gift of gab. Moon in the 2nd house gives the native extraordinary skills to talk and convince their audience. Thus, she would impress the mass audience with ease, and shall soon gather a huge attraction. Her natal Chart indicates that she is Courageous and at the same time, she would mince no word to speak her mind.

However, as it is said that every coin has two sides, the other side of her horoscope has some shortcomings too. Let us also analyze the same.

Smt. Priyanka Gandhi entered Venus Mahadasha on 16th January 2015. From there on, she was in Venus antradasha until 16th May 2018 and therefore, she was dillydallying on her decision to enter formal politics due to dasha sandhi factors.

However, from 16th May 2018 till 17th May 2019, she would be in the antradasha of Sun, in the mahadasha of Venus. In fact, it is this antradasha of Sun which has actually elevated her in the limelight. No doubt the present planetary position does support her rise to this status, but with certain shortcomings.

What is to be noted astrologically is that the antradasha of Sun that would Last only till 17th May 2019, will give her fame, but not elevate her to the power corridors in New Delhi. In other words, Will Smt. Priyanka Gandhi, prove to be lucky to Indian National Congress in 2019 general elections? Then the answer may not be impressive.

Since, soon after 17th May 2019, Smt. Priyanka Gandhi would move to the antradasha of Mars in Venus mahadasha. This will reduce the sheen in her political career. Thus, the possibility of Smt. Priyanka Gandhi bringing good luck to the party in 2019 general election is limited.

On the other hand, her elevation within INC seems that there can be constant internal rift with her brother, Sri Rahul Gandhi. There are strong astrological indications from the two natal charts, that while working together they would not see eye to eye in many matters, leading to a difference of opinion within the party.

Why is that so? the main reason for this is that Smt. Priyanka Gandhi is of Vishaka nakshatra and her brother Sri Rahul Gandhi is of Jyeshta nakshatra.  Here, as a family member, the two nakshatras are not inimical to each other. However, when there is a working relationship, then astrologically the two nakshatras are surely bitter to cut each other’s throat. There can be some difference which can slowly drift the party towards playing only a second fiddle within the Mahagatbandhan. There is also a possibility that the Mahagatbandhan may avoid any baggage of INC’s internal conflict.

Thus, from the analyzing of the natal chart of Smt. Priyanka Gandhi, it looks quite clear that her elevation as the General Secretary of the party may not cut the ice for Indian National Congress in the upcoming General elections of 2019.

Thus, further confirming that the planetary alignment is very much in favor of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. 

[Disclimer: The above is a mere Astrological analysis and has no allegiance with any political party. To get more details, readers can Contact  the author]

Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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