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                                            Union Budget 2019


Union Budget 2019, is an interim Budget of the BJP led NDA coalition government, headed by Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. Since, the general elections are about to decide the next government who would lead India, after May 2019.

There has been a buzz that the interim budget will lay the foundation for the full budget which shall be provided by July first week of 2019, and the focus shall be much on Agriculture, Agro foods, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), Support shall be given to Public sector Banks, reduction in NPA’s of these banks, reduction in the slabs of income tax; giving more money in the hands of the Middle class in India.

However, though the financial experts and economist are working on the assessment of the trends which will be laid down in the interim budget, we at Vedicastroservice.com have again, analyzed the impact of interim budget and the possible trends which shall be laid down for the full budget, scheduled to be around July 2019.

Also, at this Juncture, we would like to wish a speedy recovery to Sri Arun Jaitley, who is away in the USA for a medical check-up. In his absence, Sri Piyush Goyal presented the final interim budget.

In the Budget 2019, that was commented to the Parliament, the following were some of the achievements which the government highlighted.

Following are the achievements:

– Inflation has come down 4.9% in 2015 to 4.0% in 2019.

– 10% reservation in the economically backward class of all sections of the society.

– Gram Sadak Yojana, road construction has tripled.

– Ayushman Bharat scheme for health insurance.

– Mega Pension Yojana for the unorganized sector.

Alternatively, some Schemes for 2019 has been announced:

– PM Kisan Yojana.

– Nomadic communities shall be reached through financial assistance.

– 60 lakh Crores allocation for MANREGA.

– Higher Rural Spends.

– On Lakh Digital Village in 5 years.

– Entertainment Industry on Single Window clearance.

– Income tax refunds within 24 hours.

– Exception on Income tax: 5 Lakhs (full) tax rebate, which means no paying tax up to this amount.

– 1.50 lakhs deduction applicable. So, the taxable income is applicable only after 6.5 lakh income.

– Interest in Bank or post office interest income has been raised TDS from 10K to 40K annually.

– Residential rent collection up to 1.4 lakhs to 2.4 lakhs will not need TDS.

– Captain Gains, roll over, can be extended to 2 residential houses, once in a lifetime.

So, on so forth.

Also, there is an emphasis on the digital initiative to improve efficiency initiative of the government.

The initial reactions were mixed from experts, however, we at Vedicastroservice.com tried to analyze the impact of the Union Budget 2019. Our area of analysis has been to check whether the announcement of the budget, will there be a further boost to the Indian economy and also check if the some of the schemes that were announced would be extended to the full budget which would be announced around July 2019?

Following will be the announcement.







Natal Chart.

New Delhi.

Time: 11:02 AM












At the time of announcing the Union Budget, 2019. the rising ascendant happened to be Aries. Also, the placement of Moon in the transit has been in the sign of Sagittarius. Which means, the Finance Minister Sri Piyush Goyal, has kept the mass in mind and then proposed a budget which shall benefit one and all.

Further, at the time of presenting the Budget, the natal chart indicated that it was running Ketu Mahadahsa and Jupiter antra Dasha. Jupiter is placed in the 8th house clearly indicated, that there were many surprises for the common man. Also, the placement of Jupiter is indicating much has been doled out for the benefit of the mass.

Further, the doled-out schemes of the government will certainly be extended in the full budget which will uplift the Indian economy even further. Thus, the support of the income along with planned expenditure of the government will be well balanced with the schemes announced which shall help the individual class enjoy the benefit and, also boost the economy.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the Union budget 2019 will benefit one and all in the coming days.

Finally, Vedicatroservice.com has the disclaimer, that we do not support or oppose any government schemes. All our work has been purely astrological. The author would invite any suggestion or corrections in this article.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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