Will Vijay Mallya be extradited to India?

Will Vijay Mallya be extradited to India?

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Each passing day, we hear that Vijay Mallya is losing his grip on his extradition case back in the United Kingdom. Recently, we heard that Vijay Mallya shall be extradited to India, which was witted by the UK Home secretary Sajid Javid.

Let us rewind a bit to know more about Vijay Mallya. As we all know he ran a successful liquor business in the Parent company’s name United Breweries (UB), which owned brands such as Kingfisher, McDowall and others. He was even known to run an airline company back in 2005 which was branded to be the best in the private sector.

However, with a series of mismanagement, the airline company eat all the finances of the partner company, UB and finally had to ground down in 2012. In fact, the story goes on to say like this, that Vijay Mallya had taken a loan worth thousands of crores. However, since late 2000 his company defaulted the credit, which kept on accumulating interest and became an NPA. This amount, as reported by the Media ended to be around Rs 9000 Crores. There were many PSU banks involved in lending the amount which on the investigation has been found to be misdirected to a purpose other than mentioned while availing the loan.

However, whatever be the reason, Vijay Mallya has been declared as wilful defaulter. Thus, in March 2016, Vijay Mallya flew to the United Kingdom (UK) and took asylum. This was a great embarrassment to the then ruling government, headed by Sri Narendra Modi, at the centre. Many declared this to be a hand in glove between Vijay Mallya and the Indian Government. Some legal experts even ruled out the possible extradition of Vijay Mallya back to Inia.  From there on the Legal battle began between the Union of India and Vijay Mallya.

In the interim, many Indian High courts had declared him to be a wilful defaulter. From there on, this affected the case of Vijay Mallya and further strengthened the Indian government’s claim on his extradition.

Thus, on 10th December 2018, a London Magistrate court permitted the extradition of Vijay Mallya and this was one of the first signs which indicated that he could be extradited soon.

Therefore, we at Vedicastoserviec.com decide to analyse the possibility of Vijay Mallya to be finally extradited to India. Thus, in this wake of analysis, we used the horoscope of Vijay Mallya to check the possible ensue. As again, we maintain our disclaimer that we do not oppose or support any individual or party. Our analysis is merely astrological and we certainly welcome any suggestion on correction in the article mentioned herewith.

Below are the details of Vijay Mallya.

Date of Birth:18th December 1955

Time of Birth: 11:30 AM

Place of Birth: Bantwal, Karnataka.






Sun, Mercury, Venus Rahu, Saturn  


At the onset of the Natal or Rashi Chart, we were astonished to see that the Moon is placed in the 12th house from the Ascendant. Moon is in the sign of Capricorn and Ascendant is in Aquarius. With this placement of Moon, it is clear that Vijay Mallya is always casual in his approach and then repents his actions. Therefore, Vijay Mallya is known to invite troubles out of his own folly. The only exception has been from 1987 till 2003. Since around this phase, he was in Jupiter Mahadahsa and this gives him some sanity to act and maximise his wealth. As soon as he entered the Saturn Mahadasha, his troubles started and made him take one after the other wrong decisions.

In fact, in his natal chart, Saturn is deposited in the nakshatra of Anuradha which is again owned by Saturn. In fact, Saturn clearly indicated the folly decision making and this shall lead to legal trouble in the life of Vijay Mallya.

Accordingly, if one would look at his present Mahadasha (MD) and Antradasha (AD) he is in Saturn MD and Rahu AD. Both these planets are conjoined in the 10th house from the ascendant. More so, Saturn is the karaka of Justice and shall punish one who indulges in wrongdoing. Thus, the Antradasha of Rahu which will last till September 2019, indicates that Vijay Mallya shall be in serious legal trouble and most probably he can be extradited back to India. Which means, he can fail any appeal that he shall place before the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Though presently Jupiter is supporting him, this would not last till October 2019. Further, on 26th January 2020, Saturn is heading to his own Moon sign, which indicates that he shall finally be extradited to India.

Thus, it would be better for Vijay Mallya to cooperate with the investigating agency. Moreover, it would be advisable that he returns Rs 9000 Crores of dues to the PSU Banks which he owes to them. Since Saturn will expose every defence of Vijay Mallya which would look fabricated, it would better for Vijay Mallya to wisely repay the money, which is earned from selling his Stake of United Breweries (UB) back in 2012-13.

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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